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Should I Be Taking Vitamins?

Did you know that around 75 percent of US adults (and teens) are vitamin D deficient? We hear that everything from low B12 levels to low iron can cause some rather serious symptoms; however, how safe is it to just start popping vitamins? While you may think that all vitamins are safe, they can also cause problems if you aren’t deficient or are taking certain medications. This is why you must always consult your doctor before adding new vitamins to your current routine.

Do I need vitamins?

If you are eating a healthy balanced diet then chances are fairly good that you don’t need vitamins. You should be able to get all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins you need through diet alone; however, if you are on a restrictive diet such as being vegetarian or vegan, then you should talk to your general doctor about supplements such as vitamin B12, which are often low in those who don’t consume meat, fish, or dairy.

There are other moments in life when you may benefit from certain vitamins. For example, if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant your doctor will often recommend taking folic acid.

I take prescription medications. Are vitamins safe?

You must talk with your doctor before you start taking supplements, as some supplements can cause serious interactions with prescription medications or make certain medications less effective. If you have preexisting health problems, certain supplements can also make problems worse. Again, this is just another reason to consult your general practitioner.

If you are looking for ways to promote better heart health, ease anxiety, or improve the function of your joints, talk with your doctor about whether supplementation could help you. Your doctor can also recommend certain trusted brands of vitamins to ensure that you are getting the highest quality supplements.

If you are experiencing brain fog, weakness, fatigue, hair loss, or bleeding gums, it’s quite possible that you could be dealing with a vitamin deficiency. Talk with your doctor about your current symptoms and diet. A simple blood test can indicate vitamin deficiencies, which you and your doctor can discuss.

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