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  • Do I Have a Concussion?
    Head injuries are incredibly common, especially if you or your child play contact sports. From wiping out on a bike to getting hit in the head while boxing, many scenarios Read more
  • FAQs About Bug Bites
    Most of us will get bitten by a bug at some point during our lifetime, if not more than once. While this typically isn’t a cause for concern, sometimes insects Read more
  • Managing Your Asthma
    Whether you or your child has just recently been diagnosed with asthma, it’s important that you have a general doctor that can provide you or your little one with routine Read more
  • Why You Need a Primary Doctor
    Nothing is more important than our health, and yet we often don’t seek medical care unless a problem is going on. But what if we simply had a doctor that Read more
  • When to Visit Urgent Care vs. The ER
    This is a common concern that people have. Most people don’t realize what symptoms and problems can be treated at an urgent care, and whether their symptoms warrant going to Read more
  • Fall Allergy Season Is Here
    Allergies can be a mere nuisance, or they can cause scary and even debilitating symptoms. Now that fall allergy season is here, it's great to know ways to prevent allergies Read more
  • Make Sure That You’re Prepared for Flu Season
    Flu season is always a time where it is tough to avoid getting sick. However, there are several things that you can do to prepare for the flu season. Here Read more
  • Know the Warning Signs of Lyme Disease
    While getting bit by a tick isn’t always a cause for concern, if you’ve been bitten by a blacklegged tick that’s been infected then you too could contract Lyme disease. Read more
  • What To Know About Headaches
    Everyone deals with a headache at some point, but if you find yourself dealing with them a bit more regularly you may be wondering, “what gives?” There are so many Read more
  • Know the Signs of Heatstroke
    While we all know just how much fun it is to bask in the sun and enjoy the warm summer weather, spending too much time in the heat can be Read more
  • How To Stay Safe Against Waterborne Illnesses This Summer
    When summer weather hits, everyone wants to cool off by jumping into the water. Of course, everything from pools to your local water park could be contaminated with a waterborne Read more
  • Understanding the Difference Between OTC Painkillers
    When it comes to pain, we know that the first thing on anyone’s mind is finding a way to stop it (and fast!). Unless you want to suck it up Read more
  • Why You'll Need Sunscreen This Summer
    We know that you’re excited about summer and all of the outdoor fun. From backyard BBQs to weekend getaways to the beach, summer is many people’s favorite season (and we Read more
  • What To Know About Skin Discoloration
    We understand just how distressing it can be when you start to notice skin discolorations, particularly if they are on your face or in more visible locations. Melanin is what Read more
  • How To Check For Lumps
    When was the last time you performed a breast self-exam? As an adult, it’s incredibly important for women to know how to perform their own breast self-examinations and do it Read more
  • When Was the Last Time You Had a Physical?
    Be honest: When was your last physical exam with your general doctor? Despite what you might think, physicals aren’t just for school-age kids and teens; physicals are also necessary for Read more

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