• Incorporating Preventive Lifestyle Changes into Your Life
    You’re only one step away from a healthier you. We all talk about living a healthier life, but what does that mean? And a better question might even be, “How do Read more
  • Managing Your High Blood Pressure
    Simple lifestyle changes can do a world of good for lowering high blood pressure. Whether you’ve just been told that you have high blood pressure or have been living with high Read more
  • How Your Lifestyle Affects Your General Wellbeing
    What you do day-to-day can greatly impact how you feel, function, and even act. Many Americans are living an unhealthy lifestyle and they’re either dealing with chronic diseases or they will deal Read more
  • Why Annual Checkups Are Important
    Find out why everyone should visit their general practitioner at least once a year. No matter how healthy you are or think you might be, it’s still important to have a Read more
  • What To Do After an Animal Bite
    Animal bites are a serious threat to children and adults around the world. From bites from domestic pets such as dogs and cats to more exotic animals such as monkeys Read more
  • How to Diet Safely
    Intermittent fasting, paleo, keto, vegan….there are so many lifestyle changes and diets out there that it can often feel like information overload. We know that a diet that works well Read more
  • Staying Safe in the Winter
    It can be a bit more challenging to stay healthy during the colder months, especially with the temperature dropping outside. We definitely see a rise in colds, flu, and other Read more
  • Safety While Taking Blood Thinners
    If you’ve been told by your general practitioner that you are at high risk for blood clots, or if you’ve had a blood clot in the past, you may be Read more
  • What Is Prediabetes?
    Prediabetes impacts more than 1 in 3 American adults. This condition is characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels. If ignored or untreated, prediabetes will eventually develop into type Read more
  • Do I Have a Concussion?
    Head injuries are incredibly common, especially if you or your child play contact sports. From wiping out on a bike to getting hit in the head while boxing, many scenarios Read more
  • FAQs About Bug Bites
    Most of us will get bitten by a bug at some point during our lifetime, if not more than once. While this typically isn’t a cause for concern, sometimes insects Read more
  • Managing Your Asthma
    Whether you or your child has just recently been diagnosed with asthma, it’s important that you have a general doctor that can provide you or your little one with routine Read more
  • Why You Need a Primary Doctor
    Nothing is more important than our health, and yet we often don’t seek medical care unless a problem is going on. But what if we simply had a doctor that Read more
  • When to Visit Urgent Care vs. The ER
    This is a common concern that people have. Most people don’t realize what symptoms and problems can be treated at an urgent care, and whether their symptoms warrant going to Read more
  • Fall Allergy Season Is Here
    Allergies can be a mere nuisance, or they can cause scary and even debilitating symptoms. Now that fall allergy season is here, it's great to know ways to prevent allergies Read more
  • Make Sure That You’re Prepared for Flu Season
    Flu season is always a time where it is tough to avoid getting sick. However, there are several things that you can do to prepare for the flu season. Here Read more

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