Pricing/Membership Plans

 Act Now for Age-Tiered Membership Rates:  Age 0-18 = $39/mo   Age 19-40 = $59/mo   Age 41-64 = $79/mo   ***Age 65+ = $99/mo

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Regular Membership Rate:  Age 0-18  = $39/mo              Age 19-40 = $59/mo            Age 41-64 = $79/mo            ***Age 65+ = $99/mo

Referral Discount: Refer a new patient who signs up as a member, get 1 month off of your Regular Membership Rate.  Note, this is not applicable to Corporate/Business Accounts.  

Corporate/Business Accounts: Based on each business' needs, and negotiated arrangements, but similar to Individual/Family plans.

***  Medicare Patients: We are currently in the "Opt Out" process with Medicare.  Medicare rules state that any Medicare Provider ("Opted IN", as we currently are) cannot bill Medicare patients for covered services.  Therefore, even if you wanted to be a patient with PrecisionDPC, we could not accept payment.  The "Opt Out" process takes 2 years.  Once the two years is up (10/2023) we will be "Opted Out" and can take Medicare patients.  Rest assured, this is not anything with which we agree.  Rather, it is yet another example of why the Direct Primary Care movement is a superior form of healthcare delivery.

PrecisionDPC provides a wide range of services all for a set monthly fee, with no hidden costs. We are currently a house-call, work place, and telemedicine medical service.  We have an office location at 1104 N. Elm St, Denton, Texas that will be completed in early November 2021.  We offer no-insurance, affordable doctors, all while providing outstanding service and medical treatment.


Our member benefits are extensive, including no co-pays for current members. Other benefits include:

  • Access to a physician 24/7 on every day of the year
  • Unlimited visits, including being able to see primary care doctors, same day visits, as well as a great urgent care in Dallas
  • Great discounts on things such as medications, imaging, and laboratories

We offer four affordable primary care membership plans, ranging from $39/month to $99/month, all depending on your age. We also offer family discounts of 10% off for families of four members or more. With included annual wellness visits, these plans can be a great fit for you depending on your medical needs and budget.


With our expertise, we have the ability  to handle a wide range of medical issues and concerns. Among the services that we provide are:

– Wellness and Prevention – This includes things such as school and sports physicals,  prevention planning and travel consultation.   Through our integrated Body Science Program headed by Robin Farley, PA-C, we offer wellness, weight loss counseling and fitness counseling.

– Urgent Care and Injuries – We handle things such as colds and flu, strains or sprains, simple fractures, lacerations, rashes, yeast infection, gastroenteritis, and much more.

– Chronic disease management – Among the issues we deal with are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and COPD, allergies, thyroid disorders, depression and anxiety, and migraines.

– Procedures – Among other things, we are able to perform laceration repairs, foreign body removal, cyrotherapy, skin biopsies, pap smears, casting or splinting, vaccinations, as well as incision and drainage.


At Precision DPC, we truly enjoy serving our customers by providing a wide range of services at an affordable price, all with a commitment to excellence. We know the role that medicine and health plays in maintaining a happy, healthy life, which is why we are proud to provide high quality medical are for individuals, families, and businesses, working directly and exclusively with our clients.

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